October 19, 2016

Rubway portfolio

Addressing the different consumer needs, the Rubway Multisport cycleway systems are available with two different wear courses.


The common features of Rubway Multisport Flow and Shield

Even surface during the total lifespan




tapadasThe extraordinary traction and rolling features of Rubway Multisport match the tarmac. Since the wear course is more flexible than asphalt or concrete the Rubway Multisport is able to resist more efficiently to the sub surface movements, which would normally cause trip hazards and seams.


homersekletRubway Multisport resists freeze-thaw conditions, UV degradation, and effects of intraday temperature fluctuation, which lead to cracking.

Overperforming tarmac by lower maintenance

koltseghatekonyLower total cost of ownership for the total lifespan compared to tarmac. The repaired surface provides the same high quality features and travel comfort.


keziThe damaged wearing course can be repaired manually, quickly, easily, by allocation of minimum level of required labour force.

Validated product features


The product features are validated and the National Technical Assessment was proofed by the Hungarian Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (ÉMI Non-profit Llc.)

ujrahaszn1 km length of the Rubway Multisport wear layer recycles the rubber content of more than 2000 piece of average sized scrap tyre on an environment friendly way.

Non-flammable. Does not leach chemicals or heavy metals into earth